Life After Lockdown – Nick Elliott – Rock Art Photographer

NICK ELLIOTT – Nick Elliott is an English rock art photographer, best known for his black and white images of some of the world’s most well-known musicians.

“The pandemic has ground the U.K.’s multi million pound music businesses to a halt, causing catastrophic knock-on effects to everyone associated within it, not only affecting artists, but record labels, independent recording companies, freelancers, venues, festivals and agents. This could change the face of the music industry forever.

I am particularly worried about the new aspiring musical acts who rely on live music festivals and touring to showcase their talents and get a footing on the music ladder. Many talented artists may go undiscovered; however, many creatives have found innovative ways to keep music live and keep fans listening. The rise of music streaming, virtual live shows, podcasts and Facebook streaming is encouraging. Where there is a will there is a way. These new methods of showcasing talents and maintaining a presence in the music business has been inspiring, and broadcast to a captive audience during lockdown, giving rise to a new fan base and maintaining the current one. If artists and their associated workers can survive this period of hardship, there is a potential for the music industry to begin to thrive again as fans flock back to the music scene. These challenging and difficult times won’t last forever. Stay in and stay safe. Keep discovering new avenues to showcase your talents via social media. Be kind to one another and let’s all meet up healthy and happy in the near future.”

During this extremely challenging time, Nick has been busy behind-the-scenes at Elliott studios, in readiness for lockdown to be eased. He and his team have been completing the upgrade of Elliott Studios and are cramming the online shop with never before seen images of music legends taken over his 30 year legacy, working independently and during his time as official photographer for Planet Rock, as well as finalizing his images for publication for his forthcoming books and fine art projects with Earl Slick and Ed Graham. Planning for the release of his conceptual dark art projects, he is in negotiations across the UK, USA and Europe. These controversial projects allow him to step away from the rock art world to create disturbing pieces of fine art that are designed to shock and captivate its audience. Nick has been in negotiations with TV directors who are interested in producing a 1-hour Rockumentary about his life and rise to world-renowned rock art photographer. Filming starts on location in the next few weeks.

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