Life After Lockdown – Stewart Home – Artist, Writer, Filmmaker & Activist..

Stewart Home, aka Kevin Llewellyn Callan, is an English contemporary artist, writer, filmmaker and avant-garde and punk rock historian, as well as a political activist, known for his novels, ’69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess’ and ‘Tainted Love.’

I caught up with Stewart recently, and of course, as well, was excited to receive my copy of She’s My Witch.’

…and you can too. Just go to:

“My lockdown has been busy…. Editing an anthology of horror stories called
Denizen of the Dead and putting final touches to my new novel, ‘She’s My Witch.’

Also doing a lot of memes and posting on social media to promote
the new novel – I’ve created way more than I can use even posting every
other day.

More recently a lot of time on BLM debates, particularly around problematic monuments – although obviously that is just the obnoxious face of institutional racism and it is important to deal with racism in all its forms. And before that a lot of corona virus related discussions… often with a UK angle.

Memes and sardonic comments on Covid 19, as well as straightforward accounts of running around central London for my daily exercise and what it was/wasn’t going on there, proved pretty popular…. Most was from a London and UK politics angle… I did some rhymes too, like this one:

I got inspired by a huge donation of doughnuts to the food bank 30 seconds
walk from my flat to write this story about donuts and Boris Johnson:


And I did this collaborative thing about Covid with some people around
Europe (its part of a bigger project that will emerge sometime):

Control The Virus With Mixed Martial Arts, my response to Johnson changing
the government lockdown message from stay home & save lives to be alert,
control the virus.”

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