Life After Lockdown – Ellis Johnson – Modern Fiction Writer

Ellis (Lucy) Johnson, is an English modern fiction writer. She is author of ‘Peep Book’ (2016) and ‘Case Closed Monday: The Adventures of Mary Slacker.’

“I can only speak from experience, so my advice as a writer to anyone who is finding the current situation unduly perplexing/perturbing would be: 

Don’t alienate people.  Be humble: You may think YOU have something to say, but give all credit to the muse whatever ever or whoever you consider it to be! 

As for the cult of celebrity, it is closely linked to power – in fact when I was a teacher, I tried to teach from a book called ‘Celebrity and Power – Fame in Contemporary Culture’ obviously with mixed results as we see about us.

I would not necessarily call it a ‘must read’ but the issues are important, and a nuanced understanding of the siren call of fame and fortune surely is of key importance to anyone contemplating their vocation as an artist (or similar).

Globalisation could be supposed to be a facet of internationalism, which was always much lauded by the left – I think Tony Blair once memorably proclaimed ‘We have failed to sell (communicate?) the benefits of globalisation.’

What I am trying to say is that globalisation is a recently coined word which describes a phenomena that anyone would be stumped to come to a consensus as to what exactly it is (in actuality – a bit like Brexit really – jargon).

I fear this proclamation sums it up and could very well explain the success (electorally anyway) of the current administration in The States, as when all is said and done most people need jobs. Very few people are fortunate to call their time their own.

The venues are closed, as they should be. There is actually no reason why the players need to play in front of a crowd. I think everyone who met a sticky end in the ring in Rome would agree.”

My painting, “Hide & Seek” proudly on the cover of “Case Closed Monday”

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